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The Piousness of the Husband and Wife Moved the Buddha to Invoke a Bodhisattva to Manifest in Reality

The Piousness of the Husband and Wife Moved the Buddha to Invoke a Bodhisattva to Manifest in Reality Buddhism appears to be very dominant in some countries in Southeast Asia. However, many Buddhists there always regard “Arhat” as the highest status of accomplishment in Buddhism. To them, Bodhisattvas who are often mentioned in Mahayana sutras…

Supernormal Powers in Buddhism

Supernormal Powers in Buddhism by the International Buddhism Sangha Association and taken from the bookH.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III:  Do Buddhists advocate supernatural powers? Actually, this is not a matter of advocating or not advocating. Rather, supernatural powers are that which everyone who is accomplished in the dharma possesses. Such powers are the manifestation of…

Good Fortune

Good Fortune Good Fortune is symbolized by the Chinese characters “fu bao” which are usually translated as having abundant happiness and blessings or living a “good life” including having high status, good health, and longevity. It also includes being free of calamities or avoiding disasters as expressed by the Chinese “mian zai.” However, like many…


Faith Faith is an important concept in Vajrayana or Esoteric Buddhism. It is especially important in the beginning, but it is an essential component in all stages of practice. When you begin to practice Buddhism, you may not understand the essence of the Dharma and thus cannot enter into true practice. As a result, you…


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