A Great Miraculous Transformation Manifested by Holy Monk’s Flesh Body Created a New Chapter on Nirvana in the History of Buddhism

A Great Miraculous Transformation Manifested by Holy Monk’s Flesh Body Created a New Chapter on Nirvana in the History of Buddhism

Recording my real experience of attending the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions for celebrating the nirvana of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai

Buddhist Disciple: Ciren Danba

Written on the day of perfectly concluding the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions

I am so fortunate in my current lifetime. The karmic affinity formed through many lifetimes and eons enabled me to attend the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions held after the nirvana of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai who was the world’s top-level holy monk. After the Elder Dharma Master’s nirvana, Buddhist disciples not only took shifts to guard in front of the Elder Dharma Master’s flesh body and chant the holy name of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva without interruption but also held three grand dharma assemblies every day until the perfect conclusion of the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions. I attended my shift of chanting and the three dharma assemblies every day without missing even one session. To benefit living beings, I now tell people in the world about the unprecedented and world-astounding holy feats manifested by Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai that I witnessed in person.

I am a rinpoche and I know that I must follow the Buddha’s teaching and cannot speak falsely to deceive living beings. Before all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions, I give my truthful accounts in the following:

On December 30, 2016, when concluding the examination in the holy realm held by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters (WBAH), the great holy virtuous one leading the dharma Wang Zha Shang Zun made this prediction publicly, “A holy monk whose nine precept-scars once emitted light to break the darkness in a closed room, who is the foremost holy monk in the world, and whom I respect the most will leave us in January next year. He will create an unprecedented holy manifestation in the history of Buddhism. This will be a great happy event and should be joyfully celebrated.”

What I could never imagine is that the tremendously great accomplishment of this top-level foremost holy monk in the world is so astonishing to the heaven and human realms and ground-shaking to this earthly world!

To celebrate the H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Day, we held a ceremony to release living beings in captivity and then respectively listened to a recorded magnificent dharma discourse on January 15, 2017. Right after the celebration had ended, we received a notice and immediately went to where Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai was stationed. We saw that the Elder Dharma Master entered nirvana in a sitting state of concentration. After chanting sutras, mantras, and the holy name of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, we respectfully viewed His holy appearance. The Elder Dharma Master’s holy face looked thin and aged, with sunken cheeks, a sparse beard, and wrinkles all over the face (Please see the Elder Dharma Master’s photo taken at 11 hours after entering nirvana that can be respectfully requested from WBAH.) Could it be that this holy monk of the current era has left the world in this way? No, this was just the beginning of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s manifestation of His tremendously great and world-unparalleled accomplishment!

Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai is a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and the Chief Teacher of the Tripitaka of sutras, vinayas, and shastras (commentaries) at WBAH. The Elder Dharma Master lived a private life in profound cultivation and practice. His conduct demonstrated noble and pure great compassion and bodhicitta, had nothing to do with fame and gain, and was not tainted by worldly dusts. His virtue and realization were immeasurably high and profound. Many abbots of famous temples and eminent monks of the current time are His disciples. However, because revered Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai did not touch worldly dusts and lived a great hidden life in the world, it was difficult for people in the world to have the affinity to hear His holy name.

In the evening of the same day, Buddhist disciples of the seven types as well as the professionals working at the Universal Chung Wah Funeral Home respectfully escorted the holy body of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai to the funeral home. At night, several dharma brothers and I who are rinpoches guarded the holy body while chanting the holy name of “Namo Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattva” throughout the night. At 6 o’clock in the morning of the next day, the Elder Dharma Master’s holy body was handed over to the funeral home to carry out the process required by law. After completing the legal procedures, WBAH made the arrangement to hold grand dharma assemblies in the morning, at noon and in the evening every day. Additionally, Buddhist disciples guarded in front of the Elder Dharma Master’s holy body at any time day and night. Each shift was staffed by quite a few disciples, who chanted the holy name of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva without a pause.

On the third day after the Elder Dharma Master’s entering nirvana, when I was in the shift of chanting, I was able to view closely and saw that the Elder Dharma Master looked pale.

On the fifth night, other dharma brothers and I on the same shift noticed that, although the Elder Dharma Master still looked thin, His facial complexion was no longer so pale. The two cheeks of the Elder Dharma Master revealed a somewhat ruddy air. That was quite different from the common phenomena seen after one’s death when the facial color turns worse and the muscles become loosen or dropsy.

The next day, we received a notice from the funeral home. Due to the limited number of ceremonial halls they have, they could no longer provide a space for us to continue the Buddhist ceremony there for an extended period. Therefore, they agreed that we could receive the Elder Dharma Master’s flesh body back to the temple to continue the unfinished Buddhist ceremony. Thus, On the ninth day after the Elder Dharma Master’s nirvana and after the funeral home had provided the legal documentation, we received the holy body of the revered Elder Monk Yin Hai back to the temple to rest for worshipping in the Kuan Yin Hall that had been consecrated earlier by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III in person. Also, a transparent encasement was placed on top of the open coffin, to prevent the stinky and filthy air dispersed by ordinary persons from contaminating the holy body.

During the dharma assembly held on that night, many dharma brothers and sisters and I smelled special fragrant scent. Some saw that light was emitted in the hall. That was very auspicious and magnificent, as if being in a holy state of manifested land! There was also something that I must mention. On that night when I was viewing the holy body respectfully, I unintentionally found that revered Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s two hands appeared like a sculpture of white jade, dispersing the sense of texture and lust that only jade stones possess! I thought, how could the hands of a person have the sense of texture of stone? At that time, I really could not understand the cause of such peculiar and rare phenomena. I was only dawned afterwards that it was because the flesh body of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai was undergoing a total transformation inside and out.

On the eleventh night after the Elder Dharma Master‘s nirvana, before the dharma assembly started, chairperson of the International Buddhism Sangha Association (IBSA) Dharma Master Long Hui and the abbot of the True Buddha-Dharma Center and the Pagoda Temple Venerable Xiangge Qiongwa together announced an astonishingly great news. Earlier, with the permission from His Holiness the Buddha, Dharma Master Jue Hui, Dharma Master Long Hui, Venerable Xiangge Qiongwa, Venerable Long Zhou, Dharma Master Ruo Hui, and Dharma Master Miao Kong used their hands to touch and press the Holy Venerable One’s flesh body. They found that the Elder Dharma Master‘s flesh body was as firm and hard as a stone. Even the typically softest spots on the cheek was extremely firm and hard. The crowd immediately prostrated to pay respect. They were full of praises for witnessing the indisputable feat of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s accomplishment of an incorruptible Vajra body after entering nirvana.

More than 20 days after the Elder Dharma Master‘s entering nirvana, all monastics, rinpoches, laypersons, and I at the site formed a line to respectfully view the holy body one by one. When I got closer to view at an intimate distance, I could not even believe what I saw before my eyes. The holy monk in my eyesight truly stunned me greatly!

The Elder Dharma Master’s appearance underwent a vivid and complete miraculous transformation: the wrinkles that were all over the face at the time of entering nirvana disappeared; the originally thin bone frame and concave muscles became moisty, lustrous, and full and filled; the spiritual expression between eyebrows seemed to emit light; His nose ridge became straightly higher and wider; the originally sparse beard grew thick and dense; and even the fingers and fingernails had grown longer!

Before my eyes, the holy appearance of the Elder Dharma Master became very perfect and majestic and extremely magnificent. That was completely another person (See the two contrasting visages taken after Holy Monk Yin Hai had entered nirvana. The two photos can be respectfully requested from WBAH.) This fact validated the forecast by Wang Zha Shang Zun!

This holy feat that was never manifested by any holy one in history broke the record about nirvana in the history of Buddhism and is so inconceivable. But, it was right before my eyes! Still, this is the fact. After the Elder Dharma Master had entered nirvana, His flesh body was guarded by Buddhist disciples of the seven types day and night. They staffed in shifts to chant holy names and stayed at the scene all times. Altogether, there were more than 100 monastics, rinpoches, and laypersons who witnessed the process of this holy state.

Wang Zha Shang Zun who is at the level of Golden Button Grade 3 said that Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai is the foremost holy monk in the world and is respected by Him the most. The Elder Dharma Master’s holy realization and cultivated power are very great and strong. In His early years, the Shang Zun practiced the dharma together with Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai in a cave in a deep mountain. Wang Zha Shang Zun once accidentally saw that the nine precept-scars on top of the Elder Dharma Master’s head emitted light rays that illuminated the completely dark retreat chamber as if it was under open daylight to instantly save living beings of non-human realms to higher realms. This was a holy feat that occurred in the early years. In later years, He followed the Elder Dharma Master to become a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and was taught by His Holiness the Buddha in person and was conferred the highest supreme initiations. That was why, after the revered Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai had entered nirvana, Wang Zha Shang Zun specifically wrote a Verse of Praise:

“The merit of Monk Yin Hai shines splendidly the sky and the ground. The nine holes of His precept-scars once emitted light to illuminate a dark retreat room. This greatly compassionate and accomplished one cultivating in seclusion has left His name to the world. Following His wish, He has returned to His upper-level lotus seat in the World of Ultimate Bliss. After entering nirvana, the flesh body of this holy venerable one will undergo a miraculous transformation. A new holy chapter of nirvana will be written in the history of Buddhism. In the past He and I practiced together in retreat in a cave in a deep mountain. Later we both went to the teaching of true Buddha-dharma and became close to the Buddha. Written by Buddhist Disciple and Humble Bhiksu Wang Zha Gong Bo, February 15, 2017”

The karmic condition arising from Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s nirvana caused the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions. The merit generated from attending the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions is tremendously great and far exceeds the merit from attending ordinary dharma assemblies. Wang Zha Shang Zun announced that those who attended the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions perfectly have the qualification to be promoted on one’s grade and to receive the Initiation of Dharma Affinity with the Yidam. This is the reward of kindness, virtue, and good fortune that the Holy Venerable One’s nirvana brought to them.

Since the Elder Dharma Master is a top-level holy monk of last several thousand years, presenting the offerings of performing Buddha-dharma with respect to the holy days following the Elder Dharma Master’s nirvana including chanting sutras, chanting Buddhas’ names, practicing mantras, dharma practice, dedicating merit and so on will invoke tremendously great merit to return. Such merit is bestowed from the blessing given by the Elder Dharma Master who is a tremendously holy one on the spot!

I am boundlessly grateful to Elder Dharma Master’s blessing on the spot that bestowed living beings good fortune and beneficial gains in their resources for cultivation. The holy feat of miraculous great transformation manifested by Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai after entering nirvana created a new chapter in the history of Buddhism of this earthly world and demonstrated unprecedented accomplishment of holy state. Why is it called creating a new chapter in the history of Buddhism on nirvana?

First, the flesh body underwent a miraculous great transformation starting from the tenth day after Elder Dharma Master had entered nirvana. After that, His visage was magnificently majestic as if having become a completely different person.

Anyone who knows only a little about the medical science of human body would know that the blood will dry up after one’s death and the muscles will lose elasticity and become loose. Additionally, the skin will turn withered and lifeless, the internal organs will corrupt, and the body will emit stinky smell of spoiling. The appearance and state of a dead person can only become more and more miserable and more and more ugly. It has never been seen that a person looks more adorned and has better looking after death. Ten days after entering nirvana, Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s facial appearance showed a miraculous great transformation. A bony and aged face with concave cheeks and covered with wrinkles totally changed into magnificent appearance that was moisty and lustrous with full cheeks. The contrasting photos taken before and after the change look like two different persons!

Secondly, 11 days after entering nirvana, the flesh body of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai became as hard as a rock, demonstrating the accomplishment of an incorruptible Vajra body.

Patriarchs of past generations who accomplished an incorruptible flesh body generally had to go through a process of sealing the body inside an upside-down large vase for three years to rid of the fluid within the body. Then the vase is lifted. Only if the body did not spoil and the bone frame did not break, can the accomplishment of an incorruptible flesh body be determined. On the other hand, the situation of accomplishing an incorruptible Vajra body 11 days after entering nirvana is never heard about and absolutely unprecedented! Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai demonstrated His freedom from birth and death as He entered nirvana in an instant. Then, 11 days after, His entire body was as hard as a stone, manifesting the tremendously great accomplishment of realizing an incorruptible whole-body Vajra relic and creating a holy feat unprecedented in the entire history of Buddhism.

Thirdly, Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai‘s fingers, fingernails, and beard continued to grow after His nirvana. And there were three new black strains grown from His beard.

While the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions was in session, the professionals from the Universal Chung Wah Funeral Home came to our worshipping hall to perform service on Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai‘s body. They were greatly astounded upon seeing the Elder Monk’s holy body! They said that they had never seen or even heard such a thing. More than 20 days after entering nirvana, not only the wrinkles on the face disappeared, but also the bone frame and muscles became full and filled. The fingers and fingernails also grew longer. One of the professionals was very surprised and said after viewing Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai‘s holy appearance carefully and closely, “I know very clearly that the beard was sparse and completely white before. Now, not only the beard had grown longer, but also three black strains have grown from it!” They praised that the Elder Monk’s cultivation and practice were so great and amazing. They also repeatedly stated that this event was the most mysterious, the most miraculous, and the most inconceivable fact that they had experienced since the founding of the funeral home. The fact created a new record in their professional experience of many years and also proved that Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai created the first such holy manifestation in the history of Buddhism.

Wang Zha Shang Zun said that Holy Monk Yin Hai is a greatly accomplished one in the dharma of “Red Kuan Yin of Magnificent Ocean of Great Compassion practiced with The Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation.” He is a great holy one who came again from the World of Ultimate Bliss to fulfill His vow and has now returned to His upper-level lotus seat in the Pure Land. Though the Holy Monk has left, He established tremendously great merit and record for Buddhism with His flesh body after entering nirvana. This is a holy event that has never occurred before in history.

The miraculous great transformation manifested by the flesh body of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai after He had entered nirvana proved that He is a top-level holy monk in the history of Buddhism. Furthermore, the source of the dharma that enabled the Elder Dharma Master to attain great accomplishment from His cultivation and practice is from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Through His state of accomplishment realized from learning the Buddha-dharma from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, the Elder Dharma Master proved the utmost supreme status of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and let people in the world know that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is the source of the true dharma of the Tathagata leading to liberation and accomplishment in the current world.

In this dharma-ending era that is full of chaos and confusion, the Elder Dharma Master ignited the hope for living beings’ accomplishment and liberation in this earthly world. This will cause countless living beings to make their clear and pure vow to pursue liberation. Demonstrating the source of true Buddha-dharma and bestowing good fortune to living beings, the merit of the Elder Dharma Master is so great!

My above-stated personal experience is a true account of real events without anything untrue. Elder Monk Yin Hai’s accomplishment and holy feats that shine splendidly through history are indisputable facts. However, there are still vicious persons and swindlers of demonic nature who make slandering attacks that are completely baseless. They have the ulterior motive of cutting off living beings good roots and opportunities to acquire wisdom. What they do is truly despicable. Cultivators must not be deceived by them, otherwise they will lose their affinity with the supreme dharma that is difficult to encounter even in many eons.

I now take this oath before all Buddhas in the ten directions, “If I spoke falsely about Elder Monk Yin Hai’s holy feat of miraculous great transformation that took place in His flesh body after He had entered nirvana, I will encounter malicious retribution and will not become accomplished. If what I said is true, may living beings and I acquire perfect good fortune and wisdom and attain great accomplishment and great liberation!”

I now make this vow: I dedicate all my merit from perfectly attending the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions to all living beings who see and hear about this article. May they give rise to clear and pure confidence and learn and practice the true dharma of the Tathagata from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, to increase their good fortune and wisdom, become liberated from transmigration, and forever leave all sufferings!

I am grateful to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!

I am grateful to the greatly compassionate Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattva with wonderful enlightenment!

I am grateful to Holy Venerable Master Yin Hai!

I am grateful to Wang Zha Shang Zun!

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Request to distribute article

Request to distribute article

This February Newsletter of the Holy Vajrasana Temple & Retreat Center is devoted entirely to Abbot Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche’s personal opportunity to pay respect to Wang Zha Shang Zun after she participated in the Jin Gang Fa Man Ze Jue Dharma Assembly and the precious dharma that she received as a result of that meeting. Because of its importance to both Chinese and English-speaking disciples, this Newsletter will be provided in both English and Chinese.

To my disciples and other friends of the Xuanfa Institute:

Since the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) article recently appeared concerning the September Jin Gang Fa Man Ze Jue Dharma Assembly, many of you have asked me what the most excellent and greatholy Wang Zha Shang Zun is like. In addition to successfully conducting this amazing and very high level ceremony to determine who was and who was not an authentic incarnation of a Buddha, he is a most impressive and powerful elder man who is worthy of our respect. I have met many dharma kings of different sects, but no one is like Wang Zha Shang Zun. His power and virtue surpass all of them.

After the ceremony, I had the extreme good fortune to meet an attendant of his who speaks English and requested to prostrate to the Shang Zun, which to my surprise, was granted. It is very difficult to meet him. The Assistant told me that, to date, probably less than 100 persons in the U.S. have had the good fortune to meet him privately. The attendant took me to the place where this great mahasattva was staying. I was very excited to be able to see him again. Wang Zha Shang Zun mostly speaks Tibetan, but I am told he can also speak Mandarin Chinese. His voice was as I had remembered from the ceremony. Seeing him up close, I realize that he is probably over six feet tall and in excellent health. I had guessed that he must be at least sixty as I knew he had spent 45 years in seclusion in Tibet, but from his appearance guessed he could be even younger.  His attendant told me that Shang Zun had already turned 93. He is very spirited and looked like and had the energy and bearing of a much younger man. As for his appearance, he has a most remarkable full beard, large kind eyes, bushy eyebrows, a rectangular face, and is bald. I was reminded of images of Bodhidharma, the “barbarian” with such a beard and eyebrows who went to China from India, only Wang Zha Shang Zun is considerably more handsome than the great patriarch of Zen is usually portrayed to be. However, what is most impressive is his incredible modesty and humility. This is what it is like to be in the presence of a great holy being!

I had wanted to meet him to express my gratitude for the empowerment I received at the Jin Gang Fa Man Ze Jue Dharma Assembly, but also just to show my respect because I knew that only someone of very high attainment could have performed that dharma. When I offered him prostrations, he would always tell me to prostrate instead to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. His attendant told me that this holder of three gold buttons at a Shang Zun level always carried an image of the Buddha Master with him and did this. When he went back to his living space, the first thing he would do was to put H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s image and Shakyamuni Buddha’s image in a high place and make offerings to them. I again prostrated, but it was just as before. Wang Zha said, “The Buddha Master is here. You should prostrate to the Buddha Master. How can I accept your prostrations?” The other dharma kings I have met always accepted and even arrogantly awaited my prostrations while silently seating on their throne. Wang Zha Shang Zun is certainly the top chief great dharma king among all dharma kings, but he is still so humble. I was very touched. Again I realized how very, very fortunate I am.

Wang Zha Shang Zun is very easy to communicate with and very amiable. Every sentence he says with a smile.  He also provided me with hot tea having his assistant serve me using traditional China teacups. I accepted the teacup and put it aside on the table. Wang Zha then told me that “the quality of this tea is not very good. It comes from Tibet and is called Old Eagle Tea”. However, the fragrance of the tea, was so wonderful that it betrayed his humble portrayal.  I requested from Wang Zha Shang Zun how to practice the Green Tara Mirror Altar Dharma (Jing Tan Fa). The Shang Zun said, “First you have to have a good mirror. Then you get the dharma transmitted through holy inner tantric initiation. The most important thing is that you should practice according to the Buddha Master’s teachings, and let all people know that they should do good and cease evil. It is then very easy to succeed with this dharma. But you should decide by yourself if you want to practice this dharma. The Buddha Master proposed that we should cultivate ourselves and opposed the miraculous. I am not telling you to practice this Green Tara Altar Dharma.”

The time flew by so quickly. My mouth was dry and I realized I needed to drink the tea, but when I lifted the cup, the cup is so heavy it is as if it were glued to the table.  I couldn’t move it even when I exerted a lot of force. I was so surprised. I put that cup on the table. How can I now not lift it? This time Wang Zha Shang Zun saw what was happening and told me, “It is no use to use force. Force cannot lift it. You have to use your mind to lift it. When your mind is not attached to anything, everything will follow your mind.” Then Wang Zha Shang Zun asked me to lift it again. Very strange. It was as if it was weightless. I easily lifted it and also when I opened the cover of the cup, there is a moving image like a video in the cover. I clearly saw a picture of one of my fellow brothers from the past and a moment when I was in Japan. It was very clear, but it quickly started to disappear. I was really surprised. I used my eyes to follow the cover. After a while it completely disappeared. Then Shang Zun said. “Any object can be used as a mirror.” So I suddenly understood why my mind and my cultivation are so important and cannot be replaced by anything else.

I pray that each of you take advantage of this most fortunate fact that the H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha is living in this world now and practice the Dharma that you learn. I also pray that you all quickly become accomplished.

Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III! Namo Shakyamuni Buddha!

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10 years of pain has disappeared!

10 years of pain has disappeared!

My dharma name is Hua Yong. I am blessed to participate in the Guan Yin Bodhisattva of Great Compassion Empowerment Dharma Assembly.

We started off by diligently reciting the Six-Character Great Bright Mantra. After a dozen of recitations, tears kept emerging as I kept reciting the Six-Character Great Bright Mantra. I did not know why I had tears, but it felt comforting and soothing. Minutes later, a bright white light shone towards my face, the light then transformed into a rainbow colored beam of light and eventually formed into a very large lotus flower of clouds. Immediately, I felt energy surging from the floor where I stood up through my entire body. My eyes were shut and I stood still as I felt my body very heavy. Sounds of a lion’s roar and footsteps were coming from the hallway People behind me started to pat their own bodies. Sister Hua Rui walked passed me while singing out loud. Qinbu Rinpoche joined in shortly after. Eventually, I started to recite “Namo Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva.” Every syllable was dragged out loudly.

Suddenly, Sister Hua Rui began to deliver Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva’s message out loudly in Cantonese, “We are all destined to be here today. You have acted sinfully in your past lives. You must repent your actions!” I thought to myself, “Of course, of course.” I felt a moment of despair as I began to cry while reciting “Namo Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva.” Moments later, all I could see was a red circle in the middle of darkness. This could possibly be the symbol of my karma, I thought. I immediately requested a blessing from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to clear my karma, be diligent in my practice as well as bring my husband and daughter to practice Buddhism! After requesting this blessing, I began to sing even louder and more passionately. My arms naturally began to swing from side to side, however, both of my feet remained still.

Meanwhile, while Qinbu Rinpoche was singing, she came behind me and started to slap my shoulder all the way to my lower back. It felt very painful as I felt that Qinbu Rinpoche’s palms were very large, however, I continued to stay still and recite “Namo Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva” out loudly and prolongly. Sounds of people crying, falling to the ground, slapping, people reciting the Six-Character Great Bright Mantra and “Namo Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva” were being heard everywhere in the hall. Shortly after, I heard the master say “Stop”, but I kept going on. I did not know when, then Qinbu Rinpoche came behind me and slapped from my shoulder to my lower back again very intensely and I could not stop singing in a high pitch.   It was until the master came to me and tapped my head that I stopped.

It felt as if time flew by really quickly as if the Dharma assembly ended really quickly. However, I am sure I received an extraordinary amount of empowerment and blessings even though my body still felt heavy. After the Dharma assembly ended, a lot of sisters and brothers went up on stage to share their personal experiences. I also went up to the front, knelt on my floor with my palms together, and from the bottom of my heart, I shared my experience and expressed my utmost gratitude to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, Namo Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva, and all other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Returning home, I found out that 10 years of pain and failed treatment on my right shoulder and spine has disappeared! Back then, because of my right shoulder pain, turning my head to the right was not possible. But now, I can do that without any problems!

My most sincere and grateful thoughts to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!

My most sincere and grateful thoughts to Namo Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva!

My most sincere and grateful thoughts to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas!

Buddhist Disciple Hua Yong (Yong Chiu Chen)

Link: https://wisdomtea.org/2022/09/15/10-years-of-pain-has-disappeared/



Hong Kong] The largest Buddhist meeting in the world in the year 2010 began on July 17th and successfully ended in the afternoon of July 18th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This “Seminar to Exchange the Experiences of Acaryas and Masters of Dharma-Listening Sessions” was held by the International Buddhism Sangha Association headquartered in San Francisco, U.S.A. Its purpose was to study the thoughts of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. People from more than 1,500 Buddhist organizations attended the seminar, such as organizations based in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, United States, Canada, and other countries and regions.

The International Buddhism Sangha Association stated that since the audio recordings of dharma discourses given by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III were distributed and played all over the world, this trend to learn the theories of those dharma discourses and put them into practice continues to grow unabated. An ever increasing number of Buddhist organizations are applying to the International Buddhism Sangha Association to receive and study the audio recordings of dharma discourses given by H.H. Dorje Chang Budda III. Although the registration deadline to participate in the seminar passed a month and a half ago, many people were still sending out faxes and emails up until the eve of the seminar making urgent requests to participate in it. So many people were ardently intent on attending this seminar.

Subjects that were part of the seminar included cultivating oneself, learning Buddhist doctrines and Buddha-dharma, selflessly benefiting others, and other topics. The atmosphere was extremely lively. Numerous people had the opportunity to speak, and the content of the seminar was quite astounding. The International Buddhism Sangha Association also announced to everyone at the seminar wonderful news that practitioners of Buddhism were longing to hear: In order to benefit people’s cultivation, the Office of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has formally issued two great mind-essence dharmas on cultivation that are part of The Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation. Those dharmas are “Second Preliminary Practice: Xia Man Shu Sheng Hai Xin Sui” and “Third Main Practice: Zui Sheng Bodhi Kong Xing Hai Xin Sui.” This truly is extremely wonderful news for all of humanity. Those two dharmas will bring to humanity and countless living beings happiness, health, complete good fortune, complete wisdom, and worldwide prosperity.

During the seminar, rinpoches, dharma teachers, masters of dharma-listening sessions, leaders of Buddhist organizations, and ordinary Buddhists from all over the world related many deeply moving personal learning experiences and true miracles. When anyone spoke of learning the thoughts and cultivation teachings of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, the entire auditorium was filled with an atmosphere of piety and everyone was inspired. One after another person spoke of how their family situation, business, health, relations with neighbors and colleagues, and other aspects of their life quickly improved after they began learning the Buddha-dharma and cultivation methods taught by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and after they started emulating the noble moral character of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.

The conclusion of the seminar was that the Buddha-dharma and dharma discourses that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has brought to this world correct the confused and disordered state of affairs that exists in Buddhist circles in this Dharma-Ending Age. It was also concluded that the Buddha-dharma and dharma discourses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III provide people with a correct and overall understanding of Buddhism; that is, Buddhism is based on great compassion and benefits all living beings and that by truly cultivating oneself and learning Buddhism, one brings about happiness in one’s family, success in one’s business, peace in the world, and harmony among mankind.

There were three true things at the seminar that were especially astonishing. First, among all of the rinpoches and dharma masters who participated in this seminar, those who are on the level of a holy virtuous one had a Certificate of One of Holy Virtue. Three masters and seven witnesses (all together ten rinpoches, dharma teachers, and acaryas) signed a vow of truth on each of those certificates proving that the holder of the certificate indeed has the realization of one of holy virtue. Those certificates show that the holders of them are not like those false rinpoches and dharma masters in Buddhist circles who deceive people.

Those seated on the platform who had a Certificate of One of Holy Virtue were Great Dharma Master Miao Kong, one of the five greatly virtuous ones who realized the Path and Fruit; Dharma Master Lajian Long Hui, Chairperson of the International Buddhism Sangha Association; Venerable Xiangge Qiongwa IV Duozha Xinxiong Rinpoche, President of the Los Angeles Buddhist Academy; Dharma Master Jue Hui, abbess of Sanger Mission and Bodhi Monastery; Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche, President of the Xuanfa Institute; Shudan Zhuma Rinpoche; and Dorje Jueba Longzhou Rinpoche III.

After these persons of holy virtue performed rituals, hung their certificates, paid respect to the certificates, and ascended the platform, all of the acaryas, masters of dharma-listening sessions, leaders of organizations, abbots, and abbesses worshipped the Buddhas, paid respect to the certificates, and then one by one ascended the platform, carried out the proper etiquette, and carefully read those certificates in order to verify their authenticity and the level of realization each certificate holder has. This was done in order to be responsible toward living beings and carry out the Buddhist practice of being open and aboveboard. All of these actions, which were highly praised, showed respect for the Buddhas and those of holy virtue and showed a sense of responsibility toward living beings.

The second especially astonishing thing was a miracle that happened as a result of ingesting a Kazhuo Ande pill. At the seminar, Shudan Zhuma Rinpoche from Thailand described to everyone the true story of a person by the name of Jack. Jack was injured by a bullet. Because that bullet was stuck amid some blood veins at the back of his kidney, he underwent two major surgeries at a hospital, both of which were unsuccessful in removing the bullet. After Shudan Zhuma Rinpoche learned of his situation, she gave a Kazhuo Ande pill to Jack. The Kazhuo Ande pill was made from the dharma practice of Mozhi Great Rinpoche, who is a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and who has a Middle Level of Holy Realization Certificate. One week after Jack ingested it, the bullet in his body miraculously moved to his chest area right under his skin. The doctor then used a small surgical knife to cut a small opening in Jack’s skin through which the bullet fell out. A video of Jack personally describing this experience of his was played at the seminar.

When explaining this type of miracle that results from ingesting a Kazhuo Ande pill, a representative of the International Buddhism Sangha Association quoted H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III: “Kazhuo Ande pills are not medicine and are not used to cure illnesses. They do not have their own independent medicinal properties. A person who ingests such a pill can experience beneficial effects only if that person is kindhearted and devout.”

The third especially astonishing thing was a miracle that happened as a result of respectfully listening to recorded dharma discourses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. A fourteen-year-old boy from Chongqing, China by the name of Chaopeng Luo came to the seminar. When he was in the last term of the fifth grade of elementary school, he would often feel dizzy and would often have ulcers in his mouth. Since he experienced no improvement through traditional Chinese medicine, in 2009 his mother took him to the Xinan (West South) Hospital in Chongqing and the 301 Hospital in Beijing to have him undergo comprehensive examinations, such as CT scans, etc. After medical experts held a group consultation, they concluded that the carotid artery in the right side of his neck contained a congenital tumor. There is currently only one other example of this in all of China. Surgery could not be used to remove the tumor. Furthermore, the tumor was growing increasingly large. Thus, the life of this boy was in constant danger. Since the right side of the neck of Chaopeng Luo had swollen a great deal, the doctors had no choice but to have him stop attending school so that he could stay at home.

Just when the entire family fell into a state of hopelessness, a Buddhist in Chongqing by the name of Zongqiong Zhao happened to meet the grandmother of Chaopeng Luo. Zongqiong Zhao had the grandmother take Chaopeng Luo to listen to recorded dharma discourses given by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Right after the boy listened to the first CD containing a dharma discourse, he said that his neck became hot. The part of his neck where the tumor was had indeed become red. After he listened to the second CD containing a dharma discourse, the redness on his neck disappeared. It turned out that Chaopeng Luo listened to dharma discourses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III for three straight weeks. Not only did the lump on his neck become smaller and smaller, his energy level and mental outlook became better and better, his appetite increased, and he grew taller. The tumor has now completely disappeared. His entire family is sincerely grateful to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III for saving his life.

Thus, the young Chaopeng Luo insisted on personally appearing at the seminar so that he could use his own experience to tell everyone that the dharma discourses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III not only teach people to elevate their morality, deepen their cultivation, and benefit others, those discourses also can save people’s lives and bring benefits and happiness to humanity.

The host of the seminar confirmed that examples of this kind are quite numerous. Due to limitations on the length of this article, it is not possible relate each and every such example.

There were also many people who did not meet the registration deadline to attend but who still sent in letters of their learning experiences describing how after they and others around them learned the Buddha-dharma of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, they experienced various seemingly incredible yet entirely real benefits.

Attendees of the seminar said that the experiences related at the seminar are examples of the great benefits H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has brought to so many people through His teaching of Buddha-dharma in this world. The attendees also said that such happiness and well-being cannot be found in any other place. They affirmed those incredible yet very much real miracles that occurred right here in the human realm.

Link: https://wisdomtea.org/2022/09/07/the-first-seminar-for-acaryas-and-masters-of-dharma-listening-sessions-took-place-in-hong-kong/

The Story of My Rebirth

The Story of My Rebirth

By Buddhist Disciple Shengmei

In 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 2 spleen cancer and had the surgery performed at the University of Taiwan Hospital. In June the same year, I started chemotherapy. Sister Qinyi Zhou came to visit me in September that year and brought me a copy of the book The Buddha Speaks on Curing the Hemorrhoids Sutra. I chanted the sutra continuously for one month and I noticed the dark brown nails on my hands – the side effect of chemotherapy – had started to fade. It was unbelievable!

  During that time, sister Zhou and Buddhist brother Sangdun Chuba Rinpoche frequently visited me and even helped me to begin to set up an altar and purchased all the necessary items to offer to the Buddhas. I also invited Buddhist brother Jijia Cuoren Rinpoche and many other Buddhist brothers and sisters to come to my house for the purification ceremony and beseeching blessings.  I then set up my dharma-listening center.  I requested recorded Dharma from International Buddhism Sangha Association in order to promote Buddha Dharma and benefit others. After that, miraculously my symptoms of peeling skins on my hands and feet and the mouth ulcer that was seriously affecting my eating gradually disappeared. What was even harder to believe was that the MRI done in November 2014 showed that the cancer had vanished. Cancer marker went from 67 to 46 in about a little more than 2 months – The terrifying spleen cancer just disappeared! I had never thought that chanting Buddhist Sutras and setting up a Dharma-listening center would have such powerful blessing on me!

  Seeing my progress, sister Zhou encouraged me to take the examination to become a Master of Dharma-Listening Sessions so that I could promote the correct views and understanding of the Buddha dharma of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to others. It would be the best way to benefit others and carry out the Bodhicitta. In so doing, I would receive even more blessings, she said. I did not disappoint her and successfully passed the exam in March 2015.

  A few months after that, the doctor who was in charge of my chemotherapy, Dr. Yang, suddenly announced that my treatment should be stopped ahead of schedule ( normally it has to last for more than a year) This had never happened before! So, my confidence increased and I was even more diligent in listening to the Buddha Dharma and reading Buddhist books. I consistently rain or shine went to the group cultivation sessions held at Holy Dharma Compassion and Kindness Association.  I cultivate myself and learn from the Buddha with a heart of repentance and gratitude. On September 21, 2016 my primary doctor, Professor Tian told me “no more doctor’s visits, just periodical rechecks in charged by Dr. Yang.”  So I only need another doctor’s visit! What a great relief! I felt like a burden of rock has shifted off my shoulders.

  During the past two years, if it was not because of the blessings of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, if I did not study Buddhism and cultivate myself, if there was no help and encouragement from the Buddhist brothers and sisters , I would not have recovered from cancer and I would not have been able to travel around the world and gone to social functions! In contrast, my husband who had brain cancer and was very stubborn and did not want to believe in Buddhism died in May 2015.

  I transform my grief to power and strongly believe in the law of cause and effect.  I will continue to study Buddhism, listen to the recorded Dharma of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, cultivate my words, thoughts, and behaviors, promote kindness and eradicate evil, and strive to correspond with the Buddha! Here, I would like to thank all the members of the medical team at Taiwan University who have treated me, all my relatives and family members, my Buddhist brothers and sisters for their kindness and care. They have made it possible for me to cultivate and learn from the Buddha! Amitabha! 

link: https://wisdomtea.org/2022/09/01/the-story-of-my-rebirth/